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Revelation Online

Revelation Online

Postby SoulSaint » Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:23 am

Hello everyone, My name across many games has been SoulSaint so it just stuck with me. Feel free to just call me soul or saint or both together( up to you).

I have recently applied and would love to speak with anyone from Focus. What originally attracted me to this guild was the interview from Mystery. Very well spoken although he/she is practicing English. To add to this, as a member of Focus, the replies that were given demonstrated that Focus is knowledgeable, fun and family oriented which are traits that resonate with me.

About myself... My first MMO was Lineage 2 (super heavy grinding game which required alot of dedicated time to progress) I played a range of classes as the game grew. I stopped playing that game and went to Tera where i played a Lancer and was in the top pvp guild (or at least top 2) in NA. The guild was GoodFight from Mount Tyrannus. While i played there, i was able to reach rank top 10 in champion skyring (3v3) and 1 for the 15v15 BG. I stopped playing that after the content became too easy and nothing else was happening while waiting for queues to pop etc. I then played Smite which is a moba as a mid laner and had some fun there. Since then i have dabbled in mobas (Overwatch from time to time) while waiting for the right MMO for me (which will hopefully be Revelations Online).

If there is anything else i left out that you would like to know i am more than willing to answer just let me know!

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Re: Revelation Online

Postby justiful17 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:39 pm

yes my first game is star wars old republic.and guilds wars and then dragon nest i would love to play revelation online nice game but i just what to no when is open beta is coming.i like tera but dont play it no more
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