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About Us

Postby Tez » Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:55 pm

<b><u>The Guild:</u></b>
The Utopian Knights were formed when I, Tez Patel, decided one day to start playing MMO's in 2004. I went to and saw that "Knight Online" was rated #1 and it was FREE. I started playing the game with my friend John and in few months time the Utopian Knights guild was formed. We kept growing in size and rose to be the 2nd best guild on Knight Online's largest server. We gained respect in the community as an honorable guild that didn’t tolerate cheaters or disrespectful players in or out of our guild. After hitting cap on my warrior, the guild and I started tearing through content too quickly but we continued to stick around because of the amazing pvp within the game. However because of the Turkish macroers and dupers the game started going downhill. So we decided it was time to move onto greener pastures.

After looking around we discovered the game 2Moons and moved our activities there. Utopian Knights was once again a top guild and we were even able to become the the highest ranked guild for a long time before we once again ran out of content. This trend continued on after moving to Cabal Online where we stayed for a year and a half, once again becoming the top guild there too, our thirst for content becoming insatiable at this point.

Around this time we started hearing rumors about a game called Aion but saw that it wasn't slated to come out to North America for awhile. Wanting to get our hands on the game first, we migrated over to the Aion China servers for a year and dominated, even with the latency issues. After Aion released in NA we were able to carve out the number 2 spot on the largest server Triniel. Sadly because of real life issues among myself and a couple of officers it wasn't possible to maintain a guild of that size any longer, so after 2 years in Aion we had to call it quits. Because of the strong bonds we've made since the guilds inception however, a lot of the members stuck around and started playing a game out in Korea called Tera.

In Tera we formed the guild FOCUS and were able to become the top guild there from half way around the world, even picking up some amazing players along the way. Once the Tera NA servers opened everyone switched over but unfortunately the difficulty of KR Tera wasn't carried over and within 6 months we had cleared all the content the game had to offer. We lost some members because of the lack of content but tried to reunite for Final Fantasy XIV's re-release. FFXIV only lasted a couple months before it to had little left to offer. The remaining members still keep in contact with each other and we're currently passing our time waiting on titles like Black Desert and/or Blade and Soul by playing some mobas here and there. Recently though we've discovered an amazing F2P title called Icarus Online in Korea which we're all enjoying immensely. There is potential in this title and we're looking for more focused mmo players to join up with us.

We want to continue the competitive level of gaming we began over a decade ago while maintaining an atmosphere that will hook members for years to come. By this we mean a fun environment of friends, not just a bunch of strangers sharing a tag. A place members will never log off from without a laugh, a place they'll look forward to rejoining the next day, and a place where you actually know the member next to you by more than simply his or her reputation and title.

Competitive gaming doesn't have to be a job.

Economy/Crafting will be a focus as needed for gear, sieging utilities, ect.

If you're a competitive player with a passion for PvP and goals of being the best in Black Desert along side like-minded friends then our TeamSpeak server is open to anyone who'd like to come and say hi - we're on daily. If you're unable to access a channel we're in, just poke one of us.

**We will also be playing KR OBT (October), and then we will switch to RU OBT (January) due to sign-up restrictions for KR accounts - we have members fluent in KR &amp; RU to help with translations to make game play easier for everyone.

<b><u>Guild Development:</u></b>
We believe strongly in involving the guild as a whole when it comes to development and changes. Leadership does not make up the guild, the members make the guild. Everything from guild applicants, to new rules and over-all changes, every member has the option to voice their opinions and suggestions - no one should be afraid to speak their mind. Nothing is final unless the majority agrees.

We work with guild members both individually and in group to help improve skill combo, builds, PvP/PvE tactics, and gear choices. While having a strong core group is nice, having everyone geared and focused helps you become the best.

Basically we wreck shit period.
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